Commercial Amenities

The Ridge Farms will also feature commercial establishments incorporated into a traditional main street streetscape, bringing the community new commercial amenities such as sidewalk café space, outdoor eateries and more to suit the 24/7 convenience lifestyle in high demand. The architectural design will create a pedestrian friendly environment that adds visual interest through the incorporation of open space and highly articulated building façades.

Medical Office

The Ridge Farms will feature medical office space as an important community amenity that brings healthcare close to home with state-of-the-art technology and medical services. The building design will be a focal point with its superior craftsmanship and masonry accents. Medical office suites will be 5,000 SF or less for each user.

Public Plaza

The layout proposes a pedestrian friendly environment with a public plaza and village green for festivals and farmers markets. A retail plaza fountain will make this a family-oriented space, and a bus stop on-site adjacent the Village Shops and Plaza will make the commercial area accessible by way of public transportation.


Experience the great outdoors with new opportunities for recreation in the from of new pedestrian and bike trails throughout the property.