The proposed site will be developed, but the current proposal represents a path forward that reduces impact and maximizes benefits for the community at large compared with the by-right plan. The by-right plan reflects what could be built on the site today according to current zoning.  The builder is a South Whitehall resident and wants to proceed with the plan that is the best fit for the community.

A BETTER PLAN - What We Propose

A BETTER PLAN - What We Propose

•  Significantly less traffic with recreation & amenities on-site

•  Amenities for the community at-large including outdoor eateries, cafes, public plaza, walking trails & open space

• 45 acres of total open space, with nearly 17 acres of active open space, available for recreation to the Township at-large, not just residents of this community

•  Multiple housing types for all age groups with high level architecture and aesthetic appeal. This diverse unit mix from active adult to apartments and single family homes offers something for EVERYONE!

•  Millions of dollars of investment in road improvements for the area at the developer’s expense

BY-RIGHT PLAN - What Can Be Built There Today

•  Significantly more traffic as residents will have to leave the site for their amenities & recreation

•  NO restaurants, retail or walking path amenities for the community at-large

• Much less room for open space and walkability with typical plan allowed by zoning

•  Significantly Less appealing mix of housing types to create significantly less variety

•  Negligible improvement in roads